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Spy Eye data recovery  
Eye Spy is a professional, continually growing company providing services in the field of data recovery and electronic crime. Team of highly educated, certified and experienced professionals working on professional equipment in modern laboratories are able to come to you with assistance in situations of data loss, or loss of access to electronic devices. Also in situations where you have fallen victim of a electronic crime.

If your device is damaged, not working properly, was attacked by a virus or just stopped working ...

The best solution is to:

1.    Turn it off, or disconnect from the power source;
2.    Do not attempt to repair, recover data on your own;
3.    Do not remove or open the enclosure;
4.    Carefully secure the item for transportation.

Not complying to these rules, unfortunately, may involve another loss of data, or a total inability to recover them. Installing new programs, performing operations, connecting mobile devices to your computer also, unfortunately, may have unpleasant consequences, and extends the time of our work, the difficulty level of the order and thus its cost.

Our vast knowledge and experience, makes us able to really effectively help you.

We invite you to familiarize with the offer and contact us.


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