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Range of services

The scope of our activities include data recovery and computer science inquiry ( Computer Forensic). We are a reliable partner both for corporations, small and medium enterprises, institutions, police, customs or government agencies.

In our work we successfully use the knowledge, experience of professional software developers together with licensed specialists in the field of e-crimes.

Electronic crime

In this segment of our business we provide services for organizations and institutions fighting criminal offenses. We are able to professionally get and secure evidence, useful in the work of uniformed services, detectives, prosecutor's offices.

We provide help to companies in situations where their data have been consciously and in a deliberate manner destroyed, stolen, or used in unlawful ways. In particular, the embezzlement of funds, breach of copyright, misappropriation of patent projects or other data of importance to the market position. We are able to prove industrial espionage, theft of personal data and their illicit use, black market transactions.

Data recovery

Companies whose data - usually as a result of damage to the material, logical errors or failures of electronics - were destroyed, we are able to effectively and quickly to help.

Mobile Phones - almost 100% of all manufacturers, models
Computers - hard drives of all manufacturers, all types
GPS - all renowned manufacturers, most of unusual brands
PDA?s - all renowned manufacturers, most unusual brands

In the case of - PDA?s - Personal Digital Assistant - we also effectively recover and secure data. Usually, the most popular brands of equipment, such as:

  • Asus
  • BlackBerry
  • Cassiopeia
  • Dell Axim
  • HP iPAQ
  • HTC
  • Jornada
  • Mio
  • Nokia (Nseries and Eseries)
  • Samsung

While this list does not limit our capabilities. Potentially we are able to recover data from a very unusual machine. Everything depends on the extent, character, method of data corruption. Each time prior to the execution of the order we make analysis of these variables and on this basis we estimate time, cost, scope and possible amount of recovered information.  


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